TULSA Procedure in Oklahoma City, OK

Minimally invasive Prostate Cancer Treatment

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What Is TULSA Procedure?

‘TULSA’ stands for Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation, a minimally invasive technique employing directional ultrasound to generate extremely high temperatures for the targeted destruction (ablation) of prostate tissue.

Conducted within a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suite, utilizing the TULSA-PRO® system to carry out prostate tissue ablation. Throughout the process, the physician maintains continuous visibility of the prostate. The procedure combines real-time MRI with robotically controlled directional thermal ultrasound, ensuring precise ablation as prescribed by the physician, whether it involves the entire prostate or only specific areas.

Notably, the TULSA Procedure is free from radiation and incisions and has received FDA clearance. The physician can tailor the procedure to suit each patient’s unique needs, medical conditions, and desired functional outcomes.

What Are The Benefits of TULSA Procedure?

  1. FDA Clearance & Clinical Evidence: It’s backed by the FDA and supported by more than 20 clinical studies with results spanning up to 5 years, showing it’s both safe and effective.
  2. Minimally Invasive: This procedure doesn’t require any incisions, and it’s done as an outpatient treatment in just one session that lasts a few hours. This means less time off work and less time spent in the hospital.
  3. Low Complication Rate: Thanks to precise targeting that avoids crucial nerves and structures around the prostate, it comes with a low risk of side effects or functional decline.
  4. Rapid Recovery: Most patients can return to their regular activities quickly, and within around three months, their erectile and urinary functions often return to normal.
  5. Customized for You: The TULSA Procedure is tailored to your unique anatomy and tissue, ensuring it’s effective and safe for your specific situation.
  6. Options for the Future: If you need further prostate care in the future, you can choose to repeat the TULSA Procedure or explore other treatment options.
  7. Precise Targeting: It offers precise control of clinically significant disease, with notable reductions in PSA levels and low rates of residual cancer on follow-up biopsy.

How Does the TULSA Procedure Work?

The TULSA Procedure uses special ultrasound to create high heat that targets and removes problem prostate tissue. This procedure happens in an MRI room, and it relies on the TULSA-PRO® system to carefully remove prostate tissue from the inside. It’s like a combination of real-time MRI and a robotic ultrasound, making it very precise and safe. It can treat the whole gland or just parts of it, depending on what the doctor recommends.

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